Inclusive DC at MIPCOM 2019

Retrouvons-nous au stand Media P4.B1 au MIPCOM, du 14 au 16 octobre 2019. Parmi les nouveautés: les projets de 6 Pieds sur Terre Production, le catalogue de documentaires de Vision Films, et un très beau projet sur le pèlerinage des Rois Mages en Ethiopie présenté par Conti Films.

Inclusive DC will be at MIPCOM 2019 from October 14 until October 16, at Media Stand P4.B1. We will present drama projects by 6 Pieds sur Terre Production as well as a beautiful documentary project about the Three Kings Pilgrimage in Ethiopia, by Conti Films.

DERNIER ACTE / FINAL ACT (France- 6*26′ – 2018)

6 episodes, 6 single-long shots, 23 actors, entirely improvised dialogues

Dernier Acte (c) MINT Production

Dernier Acte / Final Act is an original drama series imagined and directed by Karim Alliane. Each half hour episode is one long-single shot while the dialogues are entirely improvised. This intense dramedy takes you into the life of Max, an Improv Comedian who wants to correct all the mistakes he made in his personal life in one single night. We travel with him in the Parisian night struggling with his crazy life, friends, lovers and daughter during an intense countdown till his best friend’s birthday.

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