BACK UP! (90′ TV movie produced by Madiana Productions – France – 2018)

Back Up! (c) Madiana Productions

Directed by Christophe Gros-Dubois. Cast: Astrid Bayiha, Kamal Moumad, Kader Lassina Touré, Sylvain Charbonneau

« Back Up! » is an alternative information web media where journalists investigate crimes involving France’s minorities, called “The Forgotten People of the Republic”. As their renown is growing on social media, they are about to enter a new realm with the involvement of a foreign investor.

Back Up! (c)Madiana Productions

A new police blunder in a suburban project catches their attention: Sami Adibi died in the hours following his arrest. They ask their social media followers to give testimonies of past police violence: they want to shine a different light on today’s events and bring about a global reflection on State violence.

Joséphine Bellegarde, a Sociology teacher who lives in the area , tells them about Georges Beltran, a Caribbean activist who mysteriously disappeared in the 90’s. She thinks the French Government is involved in his disappearance. This story from the past and Sami Adibi’s will be covered at the same time by the journalists from “Back Up! ”

The only female journalist of the team, whose nickname is « The Enraged », is chosen to investigate this past story. She will discover the roots of a scandal with consequences still felt today day.

Back Up! (c) Madiana Productions

Back Up ! is a fascinating investigative thriller inspired by today’s reality and the success of social media. It leads us from the history of French overseas territories to the Chlordecone health scandal, while exposing the social unrest of France suburban projects.

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